Procedures and Release for Exhibiting in the Gallery Room at the Richmond Memorial Library

The Gallery Room of the Richmond Memorial Library is available to local artists and craftsmen on a monthly basis for exhibits.  It is located in a highly traveled area of the Library, and for that reason, is appreciated by artists who wish to see their exhibits well attended.
The Board of Trustees does not require a commission from the sale of artists’ works.  Rather, the Board feels it is a service to the community to highlight the works of local artists.


In order to maintain the Gallery Room for use by all participating artists and to preserve the quality of the Room, the following procedures must be observed:
  1. Use only hardware and tools provided by the library.  Nails, pushpins, hammer and laser level are available.  Request the toolbox at the main desk in the library, and return the toolbox to the main desk when hanging is complete.
  2. No marks of any kind are to be made on the wall coverings.  Do not measure and mark wall coverings with pencil, pen, marker, etc.  There is a laser level available in the toolbox.
  3. Artwork should only be displayed on the fabric covered wall panels.  Any additional display requests need to have prior approval from library director such as free-standing art works.
  4. No staples may be used to hang items.
  5. Schedule a specific time to hang and remove your work.  The Gallery Room also functions as a public meeting room, and it may otherwise be occupied if you come without a reservation to hang or remove art.
  6. You may call ahead if you plan on bringing visitors to view the exhibits. Calling ahead may help you plan your visit when no other public meetings are scheduled.
  7. Any formal reception(s) must be scheduled in advance with library staff.  Information concerning room accommodations and arrangements should also be scheduled at this time.
  8. Any arrangements for purchasing art should be with the artist and customer.  The Library is not responsible for these transactions, including the transfer of money.
  9. On occasion, it may be necessary to submit samples of an artist’s work prior to an exhibit, especially if the artist is not well-known or recognized by the Library Director.
  10. Exhibits are held for one month only.  Each artist should have their works taken down before the first of the month so that the succeeding artist will have the benefit of a full month for their show.  Nails must be completely removed when dismantling exhibit.  Please notify a library staff member if you have any problem removing hardware from the fabric wall panels.


I do for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, remise, release, forever discharge and agree to save harmless, the Richmond Memorial Library from any and all claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of action I may have as the result of damage to, theft or other unexplained loss of, any such item while on display by reason of the granting to me of permission for display thereof in the Library exhibiting area or other area open to the public.

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