Inspired by artist Kirsten Kurtz, participants will use soil painting as a vehicle to inspire themselves to not only celebrate the beauty of soil, but to also think about soil as an essential natural resource — as important to our quality of life as clean air and water.

Recommended participants are ages 9-19yo. Participants will learn the difference between soil and dirt, the different properties of soil, and be able to look up the SoilWeb of their neighborhood in its importance. Kits will be picked up at the Richmond Memorial Library before 10/20/20, supported by a Zoom online lesson hosted by the Cooperative Extension staff member Charles Malone, and written instructions.

The participants will need to provide: paper towels, newspapers to protect work surface, 1-2 cups water for mixing paints and brush cleaning.

Please choose the Zoom time that works best for you:

Wed. Oct. 21 @4pm

Thurs. Oct. 22 @1pm

Thurs. Oct. @7pm

You only need to attend ONE zoom session. A zoom session is not necessary for participation, instructions will be included in the kit. The Zoom session will enhance your knowledge and learning of soil painting, the science of soils, SoilWeb resources online, and soil mapping technology. *Please Note* Youth under 16yo must be accompanied by an adult per Zoom security rules. REGISTER HERE