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Teen Corner

After School @ Your Library Rules

All students in grades 5-8 are part of After School @ Your Library

Why are you coming to the library?
• To read
• To do homework
• To use a computer
These are all good reasons!

However, if you are coming to the library to
• Hang out with your friends
• Take silly pictures with your camera
• Watch Youtube or music videos and laugh loudly

These are NOT good reasons and you will have to leave the library.

Why will you have to leave the library if you do these things? Because of this rule:
Library Patrons are not allowed to talk loudly, make noise, or engage in other disruptive conduct that interferes with another persons’ use of the library.

If you have to leave the library, here’s the next important rule:
Library patrons may not loiter in the library, on library steps, entryway, lobby or library property.

If you’re coming to the library for the right reasons, we’ll be glad to have you here. But if you just want to hang out with your friends, please find another place to go after school.

Starting November 1, all BMS students will be required to show their school ID on a daily basis.

Children’s Room/Teen Corner Rules of Respect
• Be nice! Being mean to or bullying another student will not be tolerated.
• Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
• Use the bathrooms one at a time
• Chairs may not be moved at all. There should be the same number of people as there are chairs in any area or at any table. Chairs also need to stay in the same position and must face into the table.
• Sit in the chairs with all four chair-legs firmly on the floor; don’t kneel in the chairs or tip back in them.
• Keep your hands to yourself.
• No public displays of affection.
• Leave other student’s possessions alone
• The wastebasket is not a basketball hoop. When you need to throw something out, walk to the basket and drop it in. Don’t throw it.
• Keep your backpack and coat with you. Don’t drop them on the floor or an empty table.
• Don’t put your feet on the chairs or tables
• Sit on the chairs, not the tables.
• Don’t run and/or chase each other.
• If you have a request, please use a complete sentence. For example, if you need time on the computer, do not come up and say “Computer.” Instead, “May I please use a computer” is a polite approach, and will make the interaction between you and the staff much more pleasant.
• The use of “Please” and “Thank you” in any situation is always appropriate and appreciated.
• If you are listening to music, you should be the only one who can hear it.

Students who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave the library.

PDF Version of After School Rules


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