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Music on the Baby Block

Music is great to use while exercising with your baby.  The library has some new CDs that will put babies on the move!

J793.4 Hegn

Diaper Gym

Fun activities for babies from 6 weeks to 1 year.

J793.4 Baby

Baby Face

Follow simple directions to give babies a sense of accomplishment playing Peek-A-Boo or Patty Cake.

J784. 2 Clas

Brainy Baby Classical Tunes

Introduce your baby to Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and more.

J782.42 Palm

Hap Palmer's Quiet Places

Instrumental music that will promote rest and relaxation.

J782.42 Palm

More Babysongs

Songs for very young children that cover body awareness, self-image and family relationships.

J782.42 Sing

Brainy Baby Sing-Along Songs

Counting, ABC's and other fun songs for your baby.

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