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Long Range Plan 2013 - 2017

Mission Statement

Richmond Memorial Library continually provides access to physical and virtual resources and services that meet the educational, informational and recreational needs of its diverse community in a safe and comfortable environment.


The purpose of this plan is to provide guided direction for library growth and development in the years 2013-2017. The components of the plan provide the structure through which the library will fulfill its mission to the community.


Having successfully completed the previous long range plan, the Board of Trustees of the Richmond Memorial Library decided to repeat the process in an effort to extend and update the library's long range plan through 2017. A similar format to the previous plan was agreed upon; utilizing an outside facilitator, including two board members, and engaging community members. The American Library Association's New Planning for Results provided the outline for the planning process. Mary Zangerle was selected as the facilitator, assited by library director Diana Wyrwa. Letters sent to potential community representatives yielded eleven positive responses with nine community members able to attend regularly (Appendix A). Four core committee meetings took place during October and November, 2012. Data from those four meetings were reviewed and evaluated by facilitator Mary Zangerle and library director Diana Wyrwa. Data analysis resulted in the following four goals and accompanying objectives:

Richmond Memorial Library seeks to:

- Engage diverse populations with specific library programs and services by
     Focusing on multi-cultural, multi-linguistic resources and services
     Addressing differently-abled patron concerns
     Responding to the needs of the active, growing senior population

- Provide multi-faceted resources amd assistance for all ages to continue
   learning throughout their lives by

     Expanding upon early literacy programs, resources and services
     Being proactive in utilizing technology in response to patron requests and
     Fostering a culture of innovation and civic engagement

- Act as a central source for information about and support of the wide variety
   of programs, services and activities available to Batavia residents by
Establishing and promoting the library as a clearinghouse for community
      resources, services, agencies and organizations
     Partnering with local agencies to coordinate volunteer opportunities

- Provide ongoing economic stability for the library by
     Establishing a library foundation


Progress towards the achievement of goals will be quantified through the gathering of relevant monthly statistics, i.e. counts of users, program attendance, circulation, etc. Statistics will be analyzed on a quarterly basis to ensure ongoing evaluation of activities initiated through this plan.
In addition, relevant anecdotal measurements found in program evaluations, suggestion box comments, emails, conversations with library patrons will also be considered in relation to overall goal achievement. Lastly, a variety of survey instruments will be developed and distributed to measure the level of patron satisfaction with the newly developed programs and services and whether or not the library is meeting the needs of the community through their programs and services. All surveys will be made available electronically for ease of access by the public at large.


Evaluation of the library's long range plan will take place on a continuous basis. "Long Range Plan" will continue as a montly agenda item for the Board of Trustees. A more thorough review of the plan will take place during the third quarter of each fiscal year. Proposed activities and desired outcomes for each goal and objective will be developed by the library director and staff then presented for approval on an annual basis to the Board of Trustees.
This Long Range Plan is a dynamic document that will be monitored, adjusted and amended as necessary. Overall goals and objectives will remain stable but activities and outcomes will be written in two-year blocks to allow for more specificity and tangible results.
The Long Range Plan will remain an agenda item at each staff meeting. Monitoring the progress of the plan will be discussed as well as suggestions for future activities and outcomes.

Goal: Engage diverse populations with specific library programs and services by

     Focusing on multi-cultural, multi-linguistic resources and services

Activities 2013
Purchase and promote a foreign language database
Offer a bilingual/foreign language story hour
Incorporate multi-cultural, multi-linguistic resources with established programming
     Ex. Foreign language with Legos, "signing" stories, use of multi-cultural books,
Inquiry made to area realtors, travel agents, businesses to determine multi-language
  multi-cultural needs
Develop realtor packets (welcome to the library) for new residents
Develop sign language class for after school students/offer class in Fall 2013
Provide multi-cultural displays throughout the year in all areas of the library using
  varied resources
Plan for foreign lanugage film series/offerings for adults

Activities 2014
All new foreign language resources and programs evaluated and decisions made on
  expansion, continuation, promotion of programs and resources initiated in 2013
Offer foreign language film program
Compile a list of foreign language and ESL tutors. Make available in the community
  information center
Investigate having citizenship classes held at the library
Offer an adult conversational foreign language class (based on inquiry results above)

     Addressing differently-abled patron concerns

Activities 2013
Ask area agencies (ARC, etc.) for a needs assessment of library facility, resources,
Hire landscape architect to provide plans for:
     improved handicap parking
     exterior book drops (current & drive-up)
     scooter, stroller, sled parking
     improved outdoor lighting and signage
Purchase new bike rack
Work with local bus service to have library as a scheduled bus stop

Activities 2014
Act on recommendations from needs assessment completed in 2013
Initial phase of landscape architect's plans begins
Bus stops at library

     Responding to the needs of the active, growing senior population

Activities 2013

Survey seniors to determine what types of programs and services they are
  interested in
Offer grandparent/grandchild programming
Partner with Senior Spice (GCASA Drug Free Coalition program) and Office for
  the Aging to offer cooperative service and events
Library van regularly visits all senior residences

Activities 2014
Build programming and services based on survey results
Plan for grandparent/teen programming
Continue grandparent/grandchild programming
Continue Senior Spice and OFA partnerships

Desired outcomes for Goal: Engage diverse populations...
Consistent use of multi-cultural, multi-linguistic materials and services is
  statistically proven
Communication with realtors, travel agents, businesses concerning
  multi-cultural, multi-linguistic needs is ongoing
Outside access and safety is improved
Use of library services, resources and programs by active older adults increases

Goal: Provide multi-faceted resources and assistance for all ages to continue learning throughout their lives by

     Expanding upon early literacy programs, resources and services

Activities 2013
Investigate packaged early literacy program (such as PLA Every child ready to
Streamline GRO program to focus on Adopted Book Centers
STEM programming included throughout the year
Create "The Gift of Reading and Books" which includes working with Friends
  on special kid's book sales; cooperate with Present Tense to create gift book
  brochures and tags; build a book tree and distribute to needy families
Redesign Children's Room to accommodate all CR resources in 1 space
Redesign Children's Room webpage to accommodate all virtual resources in
  1 space

Activities 2014
Based on investigation in 2013, Early Literacy Program selected and implemented
Implement and re-brand GRO program with Adopted Book Center focus
STEM programming with 4H partner - NYS summer reading initiative
Book on every bed initiative added to Gift of Reading Program
Children's Room physical redesign includes all media resources for children
Children's Room webpage redesign includes universal access resources and
  more web based read alouds

     Being proactive in utilizing technology in response to patron requests
     and expectations

Activities 2013
Redesign webpage
Create mobile app
Work with Nioga to include e-resources in catalog
Begin to loan e-readers
E-book/e-reader by appointment established
Staff tech. education and training becomes standardized at monthly meetings
Investigate/evaluate the use of tablets, hand held devices as library staff tools
Outoor digital sign installed
Flat screen message board added on library main floor
Investigate RFID
Digitization is focused on: more local history on webpage; purchase small scanner
  for in-library use; portable flip scanners for loan; plan for professional
  digitization machine

Activities 2014
Library webpage updated regularly with ease
Based on 2013 inquiries, next steps are taken on: portable devices for staff use;
  touch screens; professional digitization equipment; RFID
Staff technology education and training includes any new initiatives and remains
  a focus

     Fostering a culture of innovation and civic engagement

Activities 2013
Develop and loan special collections with accompanying policy and promotion
  (ex. tools, hobby supplies, media equipment, toys, video games)
Plan for space needs associated with public use of professional digitization
Investigate the creation of topic based discussion groups, round tables
Re-vitalize cooperative initiatives with area cultural agencies
Plan for 125th anniversary of library which takes place in 2014
Participate in annual Day of Caring (United Way) project
Promote use of the library to local civic groups
Use READ campaign to promote library usage

Activities 2014
Use data from special loan collection to facilitate creation of additional user
  groups that would use the library as a central meeting space and resource
  center (similar to current knit and crochet groups)
Space decisions and alterations made concerning where to house professional
  digitization equipment
125th library anniversary celebration takes place - information, programming,
  exhibits throughout the year
Based on investigations made in previous year, one new topic based discussion
  group begins
Working with area cultural agencies and promotion of library to local civic
  groups continues
Participate in annual Day of Caring
Continue READ campaign

Desired Outcomes for Goal: Life-long learning
GRO Adopted Book Centers are continually used
Renovated virtual and physical CR spaces show increased usage
Gift of Reading initiative is established and more children's books put in young
Early literacy and STEM programming increased
New technology increases use of library by 1-2%
Partnerships established with local civic groups, cultural organizations increase
  library's visibility in the community
Library gains additional active users and user groups

Goal: Act as a central source for information about and support of the wide
  variety of programs, services and activities available to Batavia residents by

     Establishing and promoting the library as a clearninghouse for community
     resources, services, agencies and organizations

Activities 2013
Create a physical and virtual Community Information Center
     Resources include Federal, State, Local forms (including tax forms)
       Local announcements (ex. rabies clinic, recycling, prescription drug drop-off
     Physical space includes new shelving, storage and signage
     Virtual space includes new link/page on webpage
Establish additional working relationships with local businesses and community
  groups to help promote library resources
Local businesses and community organizations that have working partnerships
  with the library are given "advertising" space in the Community Information
Use READ promotion to designate library/community partnerships
Begin preparations for a Speaker/Specialist Contact list which will be available
  at the library
Create and promote local music collection
Update RML history brochure for upcoming anniversary

Activities 2014
Community Information Center is completely established - publicity of the
  "Center" is the focus
Continue partnering with area businesses/organizations and giving advertising
  space in the "Center"
Tax form area completely revamped as part of the physical, virtual Community
  Information Center
RML history brochure is part of the "Center" and used as a catalyst to collect
  additional local histories of significant sites, organizations, establishments, etc.
Continue to create local music collection - focus on promotion of the collection

     Partnering with local agencies to coordinate volunteer opportunities

Activities 2013
Redesign our volunteer program and make all staff aware of the changes in
  process, policy, etc.
Contact local agencies to assess volunteer needs, guidelines, existing
  applications, etc.
Compile list of volunteer opportunities available in the community
Provide space (table) for area agencies to promote their programs and recruit
Discuss with RML Friends of the Library the establishment of a Jurnior Friends

Actvities 2014
Volunteer opportunities in our community are incorporated into our
  Community Information Center
Coordination of local volunteer needs is standardized and updated annually
Availability of volunteer information provided to Batavia public, private schools
Based on discussions made with Friends of RML, Junior Friends group is created
Family volunteering opportunities list created and promoted

Desired Outcomes for Goal: Clearinghouse for community resources
Community Information Center which includes community volunteer
  opportunities established
Area residents and organizations actively use these services

Goal: Provide ongoing economic stability for the library by

     Establishing a library foundation

Activities 2013
Research and, if feasible, hire a consulting firm to guide us through initial steps
  to establishing foundation
Connect consulting firm with library's law firm to establish foundation charter,
  bylaws, etc.
Establish financial base for library foundation
Recruit members for initial Foundation Board
Begin promotion, publicity, initial fundraising

Activities 2014
Foundation Board meets regularly
More definitive decisions made by Foundation Board on fundraising and focus
  for the Foundation

Desired Outcomes for Goal: Economic stability
A Foundation is legally established for the Richmond Memorial Library
New library Foundation's role is clearly understood and publicized
Fundraising activities established, implemented and profitable
Library's budget reflects supplemental support from the RML Foundation

2012 Long Range Planning Community Members

Val Antonetty
Dianne Boeheim
Tonia Burton
Dana Charters
Kristi Evans
John Holder
Laurie Oltramari
Jennifer Reardon
Dr. Cezina Rocha
Tracy Stokes
Jack Weather
Diana Wyrwa, Library Director
Mary Zangerle, Facilitator

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